We’re using a lot more artificial grass than we used to. It’s on pitches, playgrounds, balconies, rooftops, gardens, road verges and everywhere in between. It’s a phenomenon and the jury is out on whether it’s a good thing or not. To help articulate this debate in public we decided to invite two well- known and vocal garden professionals to share their side of the story. Continue reading Swardfight

The Hell Of Bloom!

As I write this my IPhone is on 1%- that’s kind of how I feel right now. Tired. Not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. It’s draining to stand and be nice to people for 5 long days over a bank holiday weekend, presenting to the press for a 6th, meeting the judges and the deadline on the 7th, all on top of a 2-3 week show garden build…and all at the height of the season, after the longest winter ever.

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The Grass is always greener over the hill

Instead of New Years resolution bullshit – no doubt disillusionment has already set in by now for those who’ve broken them already – I want to explore something pertinent to our daily endeavours. I came across the following in a blog by Vicky Frazer which I’m now blatantly stealing as it struck a chord with me:

“Comparison is the theft of joy, and it destroys us if we let it” Continue reading The Grass is always greener over the hill

Networking can damage your marraige

Last Saturday, in between watching Naas beat ULBohemians in division 1b of the AIL and a guest appearance at Palmerstown golf club AGM (normally I’d prefer to poke sharp sticks in my eye than attend but my buddy is incoming captain and … politics), I shot up to the horticultural industry get-together in Airfield, Dundrum. Continue reading Networking can damage your marraige

A brief musing on Brexit and it’s implications

The Brits have made their bed.

Their folly will cause us grief but, having survived the Great Recession, Irish people now have another challenge. Another choice; panic or have a cup of tea. Be victims or be bold.

We’re now the only English speaking (what have they ever done for us!?!) country in the EU/ euro zone. 
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A brewing scandal

Today’s blog is about a brewing scandal and what you should know about it.

Following a recent Irish Times article on the potential carcinogenic effects of rubber infill in artificial grass and a subsequent discussion on the Ray Darcy RTE radio show today I’d like to clarify where we stand. And when I say we I mean us in Sanctuary and you as installers or potential installers of artificial lawns as part of your overall landscaping services.
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