Nobody wants our product …

Once upon a time one of the big advantages of being a self employed landscaper was the possibility of leaving a message on the mobile phone at this time of year saying ‘you’ve reached Mark of Sanctuary Landscapes/Synthetics, I’m currently abroad but will be back in action around mid February so please leave a message and I’ll get back to you on my return’. Continue reading Nobody wants our product …

I’ll Tell You What Works For Me

I’m writing this in the lobby of the International hotel in Cork (by the airport, quite a snazzy place, would certainly recommend it) whilst what can only be described as a blizzard rages outside. Thus I’m sensibly staying-put to see if its safe to drive home to Naas a bit later.

Having just done a 2 day intense ‘marketing’ type seminar it’s time to step back into the real world and maybe apply some of the learnings. My mother used to say ‘knowledge is never a burden’. It’s all very well to understand the theory but to actually apply the techniques when the phone is ringing, you’re late for the bank,you’ve to get stuff in the hardware before the job in the morning whilst chasing payments,and the next customer etc etc its easier said than done. Continue reading I’ll Tell You What Works For Me

Screw it, lets do it!

A belated happy new year to you.

The reason you have not heard from me for a while, besides demonstrating my powers of procrastination, is that I was worried that the last couple of blogs I wrote – but didn’t publish – were way too honest. Essentially I was giving out yards about NAMA, receivers, Auctioneers, banks etc. All tie wearers it occurs to me now. I was venting really. I hesitated to print strong emotions. A long story which I’ll no doubt tell in due course.

Continue reading Screw it, lets do it!