Screw it, lets do it!

A belated happy new year to you.

The reason you have not heard from me for a while, besides demonstrating my powers of procrastination, is that I was worried that the last couple of blogs I wrote – but didn’t publish – were way too honest. Essentially I was giving out yards about NAMA, receivers, Auctioneers, banks etc. All tie wearers it occurs to me now. I was venting really. I hesitated to print strong emotions. A long story which I’ll no doubt tell in due course.

On mature reflection – as the then Tanaiste and failed presidential candidate Lenihan said (who’s watching the new Haughey drama, ‘Charlie’? It’s very entertaining in a depressing kind of way). I’m not sure I was right to be so cautious. You only live once, right? Plus, I think people appreciate honesty and much prefer it to political correctness. People, especially business people, can smell bullshit.

Personally I hate ‘cute hoorism’. Worse again, smart people pretending to be thick. No particular counties where this offence commonly occurs shall be named and shamed on this occasion. Knowledge is power but I often want to slap those going around smug with their secrets. In fact I’ve decided, whilst not wanting to be overly negative, that Im going to include a ‘do you know what I hate’ slot into all future blogs. That way I can compartmentalise the pet hates and petty annoyances we all come across in our daily business and lives, which no doubt will resonate with many readers, without infecting the rest of the blog.

Naturally I’ve already broken my New Years resolution by now – giving up sweets – my 46 year old belly continues to grow. Biscuits are such a ‘grey area’ though right? I trust you are managing to convert great 2015 intentions into action. Here in the Sanctuary office we’re encouraged by the level of new domestic garden enquiries, evidence of a continued growth in consumer confidence.

Short and sweet today.The quote in the title is from Richard Brandson by the way. I’ll leave you with another favourite- “do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t!”

🙂 Mark