I’ll Tell You What Works For Me

I’m writing this in the lobby of the International hotel in Cork (by the airport, quite a snazzy place, would certainly recommend it) whilst what can only be described as a blizzard rages outside. Thus I’m sensibly staying-put to see if its safe to drive home to Naas a bit later.

Having just done a 2 day intense ‘marketing’ type seminar it’s time to step back into the real world and maybe apply some of the learnings. My mother used to say ‘knowledge is never a burden’. It’s all very well to understand the theory but to actually apply the techniques when the phone is ringing, you’re late for the bank,you’ve to get stuff in the hardware before the job in the morning whilst chasing payments,and the next customer etc etc its easier said than done.

The trick, (i.e. what we should all aim to do to some extent), is to work ON the business rather than always IN the business. You here people say ‘I’ve been landscaping 20 years’ or ‘selling Cars..’ or whatever, really they’ve only 1 years experience as they’ve been doing the same thing every feckin’ year! One must endeavour to develop methinks.

They say to really learn something teach it. Well, in between rants please expect the odd marketing nugget from now on. I’ll tell you what works for me and what I think might work if I ever got around to implementing it. Some readers will be plenty savvy already but my approach is more ‘sharing is caring’ and less ‘follow the guru’ if you will.

Do you know what I hate?
I’ve just heard Pat Kenny announce he’ll be talking about the planning tribunals (remember those decade and a half long virtually convictionless farces that cost us, the hard working wealth creators and tax payers of Ireland several hundreds of millions?), and the fact that the bad guys, the full rogues gallery; corrupt politicians, planners and developers, are to get an apology. To add insult to injury they’re gonna get their rather large legal fees paid to boot.


I don’t know what’s more depressing, that its happening, or,so far, the complete lack of reaction to it. Nay, the sheer resignation. Roll on the revolution.

On a more positive note to finish I just finished Brian O’Driscolls book. A great read (ghost) written by a gentleman and a master rugby player. It was great to re-live, through his recollections, all the triumphs of Leinster and Ireland, (pretty much since the tribunals began I realise now).

Remember his hat trick in Paris? I was there, with a French buddy of mine. Woody (Keith Wood) served us pints in Kitty O’Sheas that night, some crack. I also had the pleasure of sending it to my two brothers in law in Cork and Limerick, both staunch Munster fans. One ‘cos I drew him in the family Kris Kindle. The other out of pure badness really.

🙂 Mark