A brief musing on Brexit and it’s implications

The Brits have made their bed.

Their folly will cause us grief but, having survived the Great Recession, Irish people now have another challenge. Another choice; panic or have a cup of tea. Be victims or be bold.

We’re now the only English speaking (what have they ever done for us!?!) country in the EU/ euro zone. 

Last time around we became over exuberant then stopped spending overnight and lost an entire generation to emigration.

This time let us face the fear, believe in our own abilities and plough on.

I’m self-employed since 1998. We’ve built Sanctuary Synthetics up from nothing over a decade and a half to now employing 13 people with a fleet of 8 vehicles and a brand new grassland HQ under construction.

We’ve just done our 3rd Bloom garden since 2011 (and another Silver medal!).

Money we could have tucked away instead.

Are we vulnerable? Maybe, but our growth has been steady and our investments measured.

Hard work is the solution. Once people continue to have the confidence to create more beauty and nicer gardens and spaces.

The media will be whipping up a frenzy but my hope is that people will be wiser than all that.

Mark 🙂