A strike in the Fatherland

I was over at a rather large garden show in Koln, Germany at the weekend. ( here the hell is the umlaut, eh- dot, dot, key on the iPad?). Not as fab and groovy as you might think mind you.

For starters it meant missing the Electric picnic. I usually go for at least a day but admittedly didn’t go online for a ticket in time. Then I clicked one on Friday morning which I had to sadly decline, Aer Lingus and Hotel having already been paid.( thanks though Karl). No, business came first. but what a lineup – particularly appealing to my generation. mid forties if you must know. I’m going to Laois next year without fail, even if I’m the oldest swinger in town. Continue reading A strike in the Fatherland

I’d love to have your job

‘Ooh, I’d love to have your job’. That’s a sentence we don’t often hear in the depths of a wet and windy January. It’s much more frequently heard on long sunny summer afternoons when our 9 to 5’er Ford Mondeo driving tie/suit wearing clients arrive home through the traffic and catch us working; maybe with the radio on and T-shirt off, happy as Larry building, planting and creating. Continue reading I’d love to have your job