a new blog from a fellow landscaper

My father always said if you’ve nothing positive to say then keep your mouth shut. Might have had something to do with the fact I’ve 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

The purpose of this blog to you, my fellow landscapers, is to share some thoughts and reveal my experiences, good and bad.

When the BBC was incorporated its stated mission was to inform, educate and entertain. I’ve no such lofty ambitions but I’ll endeavour to be honest and what you read may occasionally be mildly entertaining or of some possible help.

Not interested? Cool. Too feckin busy to read? Unsubscribe. Oh, that’s another thing. If I’m writing from the heart there’s a good chance I’ll be cursing from time to time. I’m unlikely to be terribly politically correct. Naturally I’ve no intention of being deliberately offensive but I’m not too proud to apologise. In advance.

As a full time landscaper since 1998 (holy shit that’s a decade and a half) I’ve always loved the job/profession/industry. It can get kinda lonely at times though. Thus I intend my emails to be about stuff I’d like to hear myself.  Not a Diary, confessional or soapbox,  just my musings which hopefully you might find appealing. You’ll discover, for example, that I’m a bit of a chancer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve a passion for gardens but I never studied horticulture. I invented the hidbin (see www.hidbin.ie) just so I could go on the Dragons Den. For the hell of it. It worked out well though. My own operation Sanctuary Landscapes ltd (see www.sanctuarysynthetics.ie) is successful enough with a couple of decent Bloom medals to our name. That last bit was an attempt at establishing some credentials in your eyes.

In conclusion, for now, please expect frequent enough emails often discussing things of mutual interest. They won’t be terribly long, that’s one thing I can promise.

The world, I often think, is too full of chatter, awash with words, news, media, spam, free advice and miscellaneous usually distracting bullshit. I said I’d be honest so here it is –I’m not going to try to sell to you here but I do sell stuff, mostly synthetic grass (shock, horror!), and it’s likely I’ll mention it or show off about our work from time to time. If you can handle that and bear with me then happy days. If not there’s a permanent button below with which to terminate these communications at any stage with no hard feelings.

Slan- Mark