As mad as a bag of squirrels

Trump is a mad bastard.

I’m not worried saying that in print as the secret service or CIA are more likely to bump him off than arranging a little accident for me. In a way fair fucks to him, with his massive -refers to himself in the third person – ego, lovely orange skin and very ropey haircut.

I cannot understand why an opponent didn’t just throw a bucket of water over his head and like Sampson, all his machismo would drip down his body like Russian hooker fluid. 

Hey, sometimes its reality that’s offensive.

How do you like my post inauguration visitation cartoon? Awkward much. The worry is, should he be shot or impeached we get Mike Pence. This VP makes Dan Quayle, remember him, look like JFK. He’s as mad as a bag of Squirrels ( there was never any dinosaurs he says….’cept himself) so we’re all either doomed or in for an entertaining few years. Or both.

Meanwhile –see local newspaper cutting– some scumbags cut the lock on our lockbox on the back of our Isuzu and helped themselves to a couple of grand of our tools. May they die roaring. It’s the pricks that buy them that I’d like to torture.


Finally today, on a brighter note, I’d like you to take a quick look at our latest Drone video – it shows how we kept ourselves amused in 2016 creating “Grassland”.

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