What, another one?

Ah lads, really? Yes, I’m back again mostly to remind you guys, my favourite people, that I’m putting my head above the parapet with the imminent publication of ‘the Big Hairy Green Book’. No doubt, regardless of its literary merit, I’ll be royally slated by the horrified eco warriors.

The fact that large tracts of the book honestly analyse the environmental implications of the product, as well as vigorously attacking so called real lawns as an abomination, probably won’t help. I would hope for some support from those of you who see the practical necessity of artificial grass. Hey, I’ve always said it. You can still have a garden and be a gardener even with a fake lawn.

Here’s more snippets that I reluctantly removed from da book—


At the time of writing our British friends have blatantly gone ahead and, much to the delight of the Kremlin, exited out of the EU. Arguments are still ongoing, years after their flawed referendum about the merits of Brexit. Lemmings running straight off a cliff from my perspective. As a sovereign nation it’s free to do what it likes but the arrogance and wilful ignorance of many towards (a) the Northern Irish border and peace process and (b) the devastating effect on their economy (not to mention the knock on effect in the Republic) is depressing. That it is entirely self inflicted will be of no comfort to struggling businesses. Combined with the Covid 19 economic fallout it’s a total mess.

Rant over. For now.