Sick of having to re-invent yourself during the recession?

“Do you know what Mark?” asked P.M of XYZ Landscapes when he was in the yard a couple of years back.
“I’m sick having to keep reinventing myself in this bloody recession!”

He was in collecting synthetic hedging to install outside a well known Dublin pub. The point being the more versatile and diversified we are, the more potential work we can get. Don’t get me wrong, We specialise almost exclusively in synthetic grass but we sell to a surprising range of customers – each with their own needs and expectations. The trick is to tailor your message and marketing accordingly.

Now that Ireland is Booming again, (recent ERSI figures say 5% growth in 2014 and same again next year), the long fight for survival and painful cost cutting will hopefully bare fruit.

Speaking of fruit all our lovely eating apples from the tree beside the office are now gone. So no more free (edible) gifts to visitors to behind “Beaufort”, on the Sallins road, Naas. The crab apple trees down on the farm are still laden so hopefully I can look forward to some nice jam this winter, (hint hint Anne if you are reading this).

Dad said the Swallows never left so early as this year.
“Why?”says I.
“Sure its the mildest Autumn ever”. “‘Cos there’s feck all flies for them to eat”.
No shortage of spiders though. I’d say arachnophobia is automatic disqualification for the landscape profession.

Out of the blue I was floored for a few days there with a virus. not a cold, not really a flu, was just miserable with wobbly legs. I recovered just in time for the Naas Rugby club annual business piss up, er, I mean Luncheon. Mick Galway, compere for the day, is a gas man. I’ll post a pic of me and Joe Schmidt shortly. I told him Maddigan should be starting at 10 instead of Gotbert for Leinster.

Back to my virus though.

“It’s because of all the foreigners coming in bringing new germs that Irish people are not used to”.
Before you infer any racism that’s what my former next door neighbour and friend said.
He’s also my GP.
Doctor Heesham is a 6’5″ 20 stone Egyptian. If something is true then let people take all the offence they like. Just sayin.


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