So Scotland voted no. The cowards. As I said on Facebook I’m loath to comment on politics – I’ve enough opinions on other subjects with which to offend people – but before their referendum I did warn that if Scotland said yes can Cork be far behind?

I advocated a yes vote for both. Mind you, now that its fallen through maybe its just as well. There’s probably lots more oil and gas of the coast which we might have missed out on. That’s if there are any royalties left after all the Oil companies R&D, plant, construction, security, consultants and helicopters are written off.

I must say I’m happy if a little surprised that there has been so few unsubscribes despite rants such as above. Not wishing to intrude on anybody’s day unwelcomed I’ll repeat what I said initially. If you don’t dig the vibe then unsubscribe, to coin a phrase. I’m a poet and I don’t know it. Jesus, the Machiavellian spam that come in these days is a nightmare. Open the wrong thing and all kinds of grief can be caused. My elderly (unnamed) Aunt, a woman of the world and au fait to some extent with computers and email – she even did an iPhone course recently! – was almost fleeced with some Vatican priest helping some fucked up damsel in distress scam. Just shows you the power of targeted marketing I suppose.

To reward those of you who’ve persevered here’s an Astro turf joke. Be assured these will be rare. An American football player back in the day was asked what he thought of Synthetic grass Vs real grass? ‘I don’t know man’ he answered ‘ I aint never smoked no Astro’ Quite bad, I know.

One more? Going to a Cheryl Cole concert is like playing football on artificial grass – it might look good but the pitch just isn’t right! (I can tell that one ‘cos we don’t do pitches, which in fairness to ongoing R&D are improving, just like synthetic lawns, with each generation).

‘Tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – to Autumn, Keats I think- juicy ripe apples are falling from the tree right outside the log cabin office, the plums are all eaten and the rose bushes are unbattered by rain. it’s been a great season so far for our kind of work. I saw a headline yesterday saying we’re to get another month of this weather. It was in the paper so it must be true.

Last thing, a quick heads up, at this stage of the season we’ve accumulated a lot of offcuts ( by definition less than 4m wide, typically >3mx 2’ish,2.8×2.1,3.1×1.4 etc), new unused grass from larger installations. Normally we sell these for graves and balconies. We’ll be announcing a sale shortly to our 4000 general customers list and online etc for 33%-40% off. But, while stocks last ( really until we’ve cleared the mini mountain…we need the room) trade customers, you, can have all you want at 50% off list price.